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ASK:Can Mole? fitting seal well?

Answer:Mole® fitting is designed for powder application. It can also be used in slurry and liquid system without pressure. The test and real application prove it’s good sealing, 100% seal

Ask:Can the spigot of Mole? fitting match with the machine or pipe nozzle?

Answer:The spigot match with most standard pipe (3A,ISO,DIN). Therefor it’s easy to modify to weld the spigot, no need of extra reducer.

Ask:Is gasket necessary when installing Mole? fitting?

Answer: No need.The transparent flexible material completely envelope the two stainless steel spigots and form an whole Mole Fitting. The flexible material can be used as sealing gasket, thus no more gasket is necessary. The risk of gasket falling into the pipe is eliminated and the installation becomes more convenient and fast.

Ask:Is the PU used in Mole? fitting food grade?

Answer:Yes, the material is tested according to FDA regulations and complies with Chinese GB code. The production and test of the materials shows that it contains no harmful substance such as Halogen, Bisphenol A, Heavy metal, Phthalates etc.

Ask:Is the PU used in Mole? fitting static dissipative?

Answer:If static dispassivation is required, please choose our special made PUAS material. The surface resistance, static decay is fully compliant with applicable spec.

ASK:Is CIP acceptable for Mole? fitting?

Answer:yes,but the concentration of the acid and caustic solution must be limited.

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