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Mole Fitting Flexible Size
It’s important to decide proper connector length.
The Connnector Length (CL) should be decided based on diameter D together with operating conditions.
Static/Vibrating Tumbling Vacuum
CL>150mm<> CL=350mm CL
The Installation Gap (IG) should be adjusted to the required length by welding two spigots. The Installation Gap (IG) should 10mm shorter than the Connector Length (CL) for static or slight vibrating condition.
Before welding spigots After welding spigots

Flexible Diameter(D): Diameter of the spigot, check the size table
Connector Length(CL):Face-to-face length of Mole Fitting Connector
Installation Gap(IG):The length between two spigots, it’s always slight shorter than connector length(CL)
Total Space(TS):Space between pipe ends before welding the spigots,TS=IG+43

Example:Existing pipe outside diameter 159mm,static or slight vibrating condition
Select Spigot diameter D=159mm
Select Mole Fitting Connector Length CL=150mm
The space between pipe ends TS should be adjusted to 183mm before welding two spigots
Installation Gap IG=140mm is acquired by welding two spigots

The pipe of angle, off line, taper arrangement should be adjusted first and then welding the spigots.
Angle before  Angle after Off line before  Off line after Taper before  Taper after