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About us

Nanjing Mole Environment Technology Co., Ltd is a leading player specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling flexible connectors of powder and bulk material handling system.

The customers are facing many problems of using traditional flexible connectors such as Powder spill, Difficult to install, Short lifetime, Material fails to meet food contact regulation, Solvent or chemical attack, Influence of weighing accuracy, Nonstandard size. 

Thanks to years of experience in powder material handling system, Nanjing Mole comes up with series of flexible connectors of different construction and materials based on customer’s varied site conditions. The main products include Mole tri-clamp flexible connector, Mole weighing flexible connector and so on. Our flexible connectors are widely used in all industries such as food, pharmaceutical, lithium battery, fine chemical and powder metallurgy.

We are also able to provide customized flexible connectors based on your specific site condition.

Products and Solutions
Mole Fitting flexible eliminate dust leakage and create sanitary plant.
Industry & application
Strive to solve the problems of dust leakage,food safety in powder and bulk material handling system.
My customers
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